Magical and romantic date ideas for couples

35 Magical and Romantic Christmas Date Ideas For Couples

Romantic Christmas date ideas for couples, coffee with hearts

“The holidays are the perfect time to add magic to your dates.
With these magical and romantic Christmas date ideas for couples, you will enjoy the magic of the holidays together.

Whether you are single, dating, or happily married, the holiday season is not the time to put those fun dates on the back burner. These Christmas date ideas will put some magic in those holiday dates.

During the holidays, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the details of everything that needs to be done and put the romance on autopilot. How about taking all those Christmas activities, doing them together, and turning them into a romantic date? Your relationship will thank you, and I can almost guarantee that someone will score some sugar cookie points.

Magical and Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

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Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

We love Christmas dates, and you are going to also. The holidays, snowy weather, and Christmas lights add love and romance to any date. Altogether it brings warmth and coziness, perfect for spending time together with the one you love.

Go window shopping

Christmas date idea window shopping

Make a date to go window shopping together. Walking down the sidewalk, holding hands, and window shopping can be very magical. Watch each other’s faces light up at seeing something in the window they want. Or even more fun is reminiscing about something they had from their childhood.

The holidays are a great time to notice what makes them smile. You might get some hints for what to put under the tree.

Coffee shop date

Make a date to meet at the local coffee shop and try out some new holiday drinks. Many baristas can make some very creative drinks this time of year.

Get small drinks and share. The holidays are an excellent time to try several new beverages.

Take a sleigh ride in the snow

Christmas date idea sleigh ride

What says magical and romantic more than a sleigh ride? Every Hallmark movie or small town comes to mind when I think about this idea.

I can’t help but picture the gentleman offering his hand to help his girl in the sleigh and then the couple covering up with the blanket and riding off into the snow.

As a bonus, hide a thermos of hot cocoa in the sleigh.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is one of those nostalgic activities that take me back to my teen years. It is also a very romantic activity, holding hands and sometimes even helping each other stay upright.

Some Ice Skating Rinks have an indoor facility connected to buy hot chocolate and warm up. Or head home for a Hot Taddy and friendly, warm fire.

Find the best neighborhood and look at the lights

Magical date night idea, seeing the christmas lights

I love driving around at night. Things are more romantic during the Christmas season, with lights and music everywhere. Make a date out of driving around and finding the neighborhood with the best overall lights.

We have been doing this for years, and it’s fun to see how each house or neighborhood changes.

Deck the halls

Make a date out of decorating the house inside or out. Decorating shouldn’t be his or her responsibility. Doing these things together is so much more fun.

You may need to rearrange things once the decorating is finished, but spending time together is fun. Plus, you never know your guy may have an eye for decorating and never shared that with you.

I remember our first year, Gary asked if he could help decorate the tree. I said, of course! Now he is bringing in the Christmas decoration for us to decorate together before I’m even ready. He enjoys decorating and the holiday season. I love it!

Go thrift shopping for an ugly sweater

There must be an ugly sweater Christmas party on your list to attend. Make a game out of seeing who can find the ugliest Christmas sweater. Better yet, get out all of those extra crafts, tinsel, and whatever else fun you have laying around, and each of you makes your own ugly sweater. The gaudier, the better.

Check these sweaters out for inspiration.

Attend the Nutcracker Ballet or Christmas Theater Procuction

My youngest daughter loved ballet and took lessons as a child. It became a tradition to attend the Nutcracker Ballet and watch her dance every Christmas season.

Now that she is grown, we still find a local company that puts on the Nutcracker Ballet and make a date night of it. We dress up for the ballet, grab dinner before the show and then hold hands as we watch Clara dream of the mouse king.

S’mores by the fireplace

S'mores by the fire

Why save s’mores just for the summer? Gather all of your favorite s’more’s ingredients, or get creative and add some new possibilities. Try your hands at making homemade marshmallows for your s’mores.

Lite your fireplace, or use this indoor electric tabletop s’mores maker or a Sterno s’mores maker and enjoy your s’mores indoors.

Build a snowman

Grab a carrot, your old scarf, and a top hat (doesn’t everyone have an old top hat?). Bundle up and head outside to build that first snowman of the season. Even better, make two, one girl and one boy. See if you can get creative ~ to make them hold hands, or one of them can have a gift for the other. What can you come up with?

Just in case you don’t have an old top hat laying around, any of these snowman kits (top hat included) will get you going.

Go for a snowy walk

Christmas date idea walk in the snow

This one has to be my favorite. Go for a walk on a snowy night. I love walking with Gary after dark. Add the Christmas lights, street lights, and the snow falling. How magical is this?

Bake Christmas cookies

Grab all of those ingredients, lots of sprinkles, and spend the night making and decorating Christmas cookies together. How much flour ends up on each of you? Who can be more creative when it comes to decorating?

Build a gingerbread house together

Make a gingerbread house for a Christmas date night

When building a gingerbread house, I always need a few extra hands. Pre-bake your gingerbread early in the day and then pour a glass of wine for each of you then and work together to make the best gingerbread house ever.

To make your gingerbread house baking easier, don’t forget to pick up one of these gingerbread sets of cookie cutters.

Buy a Christmas Tree and decorate it together

Head out to your neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm, walk around together and choose the perfect tree. Show off those muscles, cut the tree down, carry it out of the woods together, take it home, and decorate it together.

Hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate date night

Have you spent time outside together? Come inside to a waiting cocoa bar, warm milk, cocoa bombs, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, caramels & even sea salt. Don’t forget the whipped cream and sprinkles.

Add some of those Christmas cookies and enjoy warming up by the fireplace.

Christmas movie marathon

Pull together all of your favorite Christmas movies from your childhood, add a few new ones, cuddle together, make some popcorn and spend the day watching Christmas movies together.

What’s your favorite Christmas classic?

People watching at the mall

Christmas shopping date night

Even if you have finished Christmas shopping, head to the mall, grab some Starbucks, and people-watch. Make a game out of guessing who each shopper is shopping for and what they purchased.

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Christmas Crafts

I’m kind of crafty, and Gary is not crafty at all, but there is something fun about trying to create something and get crafty together.

You can even start with something easy, pop that popcorn and get out those cranberries to string for the tree or garland. What a mess we made with this project!

Photo with Santa

Gary Michelle and Santa
Gary is looking like my own personal Santa.

Yes, having your picture taken with Santa is considered for the kids, but who says adults can’t get their pictures taken with Santa? I, for one, enjoy reliving the magic of seeing Santa.

Just pick a time when there are not a lot of kids waiting in line. It is hard enough for them to wait, let alone watch adults go before them.

Shovel out your neighbors

After a snowstorm, grab your shovels and do a good deed by helping out a few elderly neighbors. This is such a feel-good date, not just for you but for the neighbors you helped.

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Zoo lights

Zoo Christmas Lights

Our local zoo does a winter rotary with over a million Christmas lights; it is magical!! For a donation of a canned good or a monetary donation, you can drive or walk through and enjoy the magic of the lights.

Fondue Date night

A fondue date night is on top of our romantic date night list, no matter what time of year it is. We take it up a notch during the holidays and make it more memorable. Our favorite seafood, steak, and over-the-top chocolate fondue for dessert.

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Christmas Date night box

Date night boxes are so much fun, “Date Night in Box” has a holiday Tis the Season Box. When a date night seems like a distant memory, “Date Night in Box” delivers a custom-curated date night to your door; enjoy it in your PJ’s; we won’t tell anyone!

A date night box is to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Each “Date Night In Box” includes interactive activities with ambiance and a tasty treat to bring you together in meaningful ways. Their highest priority is to help you connect with your partner.

Follow the link above and use CODE 15offnib for 15% off.
Code is active at the time of publishing, no guarantee for how long.

Make ornaments

Making ornaments is fun. Even if you are not crafty, you can do this. Clear glass ornaments with little mementos in them are so much fun to make together. Fill one with popcorn seeds and movie stubs from the last movie you saw together. Or sand and tiny seashells from your last trip to the beach.

We’d love to know what ideas you can come up with for this one.

Day in your Christmas pjs

a couple in their pjs

With the busy Christmas season on top of us, what could be more perfect than a day in your pj’s?

One partner can get up and make coffee s and serve it bed while you both get a slow start on the day. From there, relax and enjoy each other and the day with nothing on your schedule except each other.

Any of these Christmas pajamas will have you feeling cozy during your day in your pj’s!

Indoor or Outdoor picnic

picnic for two

Pack a picnic lunch and lay out a blanket. Then ask your sweetie to join you in front of the fire and join you for a picnic. If you are adventurous, head outdoors for your picnic. No one says picnics need to be strictly a summer thing.

Be sure to invest in a picnic basket for all of those romantic picnics the two of you will have.

Snow angels

Snow angels

After you shovel out your neighbors, why not try your hand at making a snow angel just like when you were little. Make sure to offer a hand and help each other up. You don’t want to mess up those angels.

Christmas puzzle

Spend the night together, putting together a Christmas puzzle. There are some cute ones you can buy. Add a few Christmas cookies and a bottle of good wine, and you have an entertaining night ahead of you.

All of these Christmas puzzles are so much fun!

Go Christmas caroling

Christmas caroling

Find a local group that is going Christmas caroling, and even if you are not a singer, join them in spreading some Christmas cheer throughout the neighborhood.

Visit Botanical Garden lights

A neighboring city has a botanical garden that does a magical tour through their gardens. This is a very romantic Christmas date idea for couples. Walking through the woods and gardens and seeing the lights and displays make you want to snuggle close and hold hands.

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Snowball fight

Bundle up and be a kid at heart. Nothing says love more than a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Time to see who has the better arm. No hitting above the belt.

Candlelight meals

A romantic candlelight date

Make the night be just about the two of you. Together cook your favorite meal, turn the lights down low, add some Christmas lights and music, light those candles, and enjoy a candlelight meal together, just the two of you.

Romantic Christmas dessert

If you need that perfect dessert for Christmas and haven’t decided what will be served, make a date out of trying several recipes together and taste testing them. Together decide which will be served on Christmas day.

Shop for a needy child

Christmas gifts

Choose one or two children from the Toys for Tots tree. Go shopping together for the children, then wrap the gifts and leave them under the tree.

You will have the warm feeling of knowing together, you helped make Christmas memorable for someone in need.

A quiet night at home

a couple enjoying wine

As crazy and hectic as the Christmas season can be, a quiet date night at home might be the perfect escape. Order your favorite take-out, turn on the Christmas lights, light a fire and have a quiet night at home together.

Don’t put your relationship or dating on hold during the holiday season. Instead, use all the magic to create an over-the-top romantic Christmas date night.

Gary and Michelle

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  1. Thank you for the great ideas! I totally forgot about some of these (like Christmas caroling) and it’s nice to see things in here like helping others (shoveling driveways or shopping for a needy child). I’ll have to pin this so I don’t forget all these date ideas.

  2. You just reminded me that we have the fondue set that we never used before! It’s a perfect date night idea for winter time. Pairing with a glass of red wine, can’t be better! 👌

  3. Ann Syson says:

    I love most of these ideas! Some of them will have to wait until the pandemic is over in my area, but I think I might try the candlelight dinner tonight! How romantic!!

  4. Such great ideas. I love to do so many of the things on your list. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Some really cute ideas! My husband and I have been together 14 years. We are at a point where we could use a little holiday magic. Thanks for the inspector try some of these!

  6. Great ideas all. As we progress in our married lives, it is all too easy to begin to take each other for granted. “I don’t need to say ‘I love you’. He knows that.” But Christmas is a perfect time of year to do some of these little things together to remind ourselves that the spark is still there. Since Michelle likes quotes, I’ll leave with this: “..there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that your son feels for my daughter that I didn’t feel for Christina. Old? Yes. Burnt out? Certainly. But I can tell you the memories are still there – clear, intact, indestructible. And they’ll be there if I live to be 110.” Spencer Tracy in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” – 1967. Doing things together during Christmas can help to keep those memories alive.

    1. Yes Mike it is way to easy to take each other for granted. I was blessed in that my grandfather was a quirky man and I enjoyed all of the fun ways he continued to show and tell grandma he loved her right till the end. I am determined to be the same way. Gary never knows what will come next. Thankfully he has a little quirky in him also.

  7. I love these ideas so much! I never really thought of going Christmas caroling but it now seems like such a beautiful idea.

  8. Vintage sweaters are the best places for awesome “ugly” sweaters year round! Great ideas 🙂

  9. These are such great ideas. I can’t wait to go on a few, much needed, dates!

  10. Erik the Hungry Traveller says:

    As someone who comes from the other side of the world there are activities that i am not able to do (in as much as we want to)

    Especially with the current situation I am just glad that I could still spend quality time like setting up a christmad tree together with my love ones. Happy holidays!!

  11. Love these ideas! Ice skating was an early date for my boyfriend and I and it was a serious bonding moment. I really appreciate how some of the dates are focused on helping others. Such an important thing this time of year.

  12. Melody Smith says:

    I love these ideas. I hate that we are in a pandemic because I love the combination of coffee date and then taking the coffee out to the mall and people watch! I am going to try the indoor picnic with and maybe fondue in front of the fireplace.

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