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30 Fun And Unique Gifts For Travelers

Travel Gifts

Shopping for the traveler on your list can seem impossible.
This unique “gifts for travelers gift guide” will make shopping

for your traveler fun and exciting.

Shopping for the travelers on your list can seem almost impossible. What do you get someone that is always on the go? Are you getting tired of constantly buying boring travel gifts? This is our gift guide filled with unique finds travelers want and will use time and time again.

There are different kinds of travelers ~
Seasoned travelers ~ the ones that always seem to be on the go whether it’s for business or pleasure, the people who travel frequently and are passionate about travel
Weekend warriors ~ the ones that as soon as the weekend hits, their bags are packed, in the car, and off they go
Occasional traveler ~ the traveler that gets to take a trip once a year or even every other year, they save and plan to make it fit their budget and schedule
Spontaneous traveler ~ the traveler that takes off at a moment’s notice, no planning or pre-packing, the mood strikes, and out the door they go.

Whichever traveler you are shopping for, I guarantee you there are traveling items they desire and wish they had. With this list of unique gifts for travelers, you will find the perfect item for your traveler.

What kind of items are in “Our Gifts For Travelers Gift Guide”?

This travel gift guide is not filled with the expensive camera, a drone, or laptop that most can’t afford to buy, wrap and give as a gift. Our gift guide contains practical gifts that any traveler would love to receive. These are gifts that the traveler on your list wants and will use.

Unique Gifts for Travelers

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Gifts For Travelers On The Techie Side

Multi USB Wall Phone Charger

Multi-units charge up to 6 USB devices at once from a single outlet.
After a long day of sightseeing, all your travelers’ devices can be recharged at once.

Computer Cable Electronic Organizer

Staying organized while traveling is important.
This bag will keep all of your electronic accessories and cables together.
It is a great electronic accessory and cable organizer bag for travel.

Bose Noise Canceling, Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphones

Any traveler who spends time on airplanes knows it’s important to have a good set of headphones with you. These give you great sound quality.
The Bluetooth gives you the added benefit of not having to deal with cords!

Portable Power Bank Charger

Travelers are constantly using their electronics
to take pictures or stay in touch.
Don’t get caught without power!
This power bank is slim enough to take with you
and charges quickly.

International Travel Adapter

This gift is perfect for international travelers.
This 5-in-1 travel adapter is equipped with 2 US outlets and 2 USB outlets.
It is perfect for travel – use it with cell phones, laptops & other devices anywhere in the world.

LifeProof Waterproof Case for iPhone

This slim protective case is waterproof and submersible to 2 meters for 1 hour.
Protects the camera and screen of your phone.
Slim enough that it supports wireless charging.

Joby Flexible Tripod

The Joby flexible GorillaPod is perfect for all of those hard-to-take pictures. Works great for those uneven areas where hands-free picture
taking is necessary.
Wrap it around a fence post or even a tree.
The Joby comes in a variety of sizes.

Selfie Stick Case

This iPhone case selfie stick is not bulky and is convenient to carry as a standard smartphone case. This lightweight iPhone selfie stick features a telescoping slider that extends your reach by 20 inches. When finished, quickly slide the extendable selfie stick back into your phone case for easy storage.

Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone

From fast-moving action, vlogs and interviews, the Gimbal stabilizer is a unique production tool.
This tool features the basic zoom/focus control, all following/all lock/pan following/pan & tilt following modes.

Unique Gifts For Travelers That Like To Be Organized

Waterproof Memory Card Holder

A waterproof memory card storage box is the perfect gift for the traveler on your list that enjoys photographing their travels.
If your backpack might get wet by rain or adventure, water-resistant is the key to protecting your memory cards.

Stow-N-Go Travel Luggage Organizer

Whether traveling for work or fun,
time is important.
Don’t waste time unpacking. Just hang
in a closet and
instantly access your clothes or outfits.

Packing Cubes

Personally, we love these super handy pouches to organize and compress all our clothes.
We don’t know how we ever traveled without them!
Gift these to a frequent traveler, and they’ll be singing you praises too!

Travel Jewelry Organizer

Perfect for when you are on the go, this jewelry organizer will help keep all of her accessories organized in her luggage.
No one likes to untangle a necklace!

Anti-Theft Backpack

An anti-theft backpack with a TSA lock is the perfect gift for your traveler or sightseer, it is water resistant, the perfect size for a small laptop and misc. gear.
It has an RFID pocket to protect your credit cards
and a built-in charging hub for your electronics.

Toiletry Travel Case

A toiletry travel case is a perfect addition
to your travelers’ luggage.
It’s a great way to organize all of those toiletries
and keep them all together.
An added feature is the hanger which allows you to hang the organizer in the hotel bathroom and not have to clutter up the vanity area.

Unique Gifts For Travelers That Add Comfort

Travel Pillow

Never go anywhere unprepared for nap time!
When deflated, this travel pillow fits
in the palm of your hand,
so there’s always room for it in your carry-on!
And when you’re ready to get some shut-eye,
it inflates instantly with an advanced air valve system.

Airplane Footrest

Comfort is important when flying,
especially on long-distance flights.
Traveling Is tough on Your feet, but not anymore:
The high-quality memory foam lining on this
airplane footrest is soft yet supportive,
minimizing discomfort and fatigue

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Unique Gifts For Travelers That Add Security

Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

Look good, feel good, travel safe – The Zero Grid infinity scarf has two built-in hidden pockets that blend seamlessly into the seams – Ideal secret storage for a passport,
ID, credit cards, cash, cellphone, and other valuables, along with the added bonus of keeping your hands free of junk.

Carbon Fiber Wallet RFID Blocking

This wallet has built-in RFID blocking to protect your private information. It’s not only a cardholder but a metal money clip to keep bills.

It can be carried in your bags or pockets, but it can also be fixed to your belt or pockets for easy travel.

Hidden Pocket Scrunchies

These scrunchies are fun and give you a little extra security. This is a great place to keep a little hidden cash. Created with a high-quality hidden zipper to securely hold small items while keeping the opening of the zipper hidden and out of sight.

Extra Fun And Unique Gifts For Travelers

Electric Toothbrush With Travel Case

This electric toothbrush has a built-in timer and will last 60 days when fully charged.
Complete with 8 heads and a travel case, this set is perfect for couples on the go.

UV Sanitizer Box

This UV sanitizer box is the perfect gift for any occasion and the perfect gift for the traveler on your list. It is easy and convenient to take with you as you travel or go to the office. You’ll quickly fall in love with it as it is capable of sanitizing your phone, toothbrush heads, pacifier, keys, eyeglasses, and
even credit cards in 3 minutes.

Micro Fiber Towels

These Microfiber towels were designed with the camper or backpacker in mind. But they are a great addition to all your traveling. Small and lightweight to pack in your suitcase and also the perfect addition for any road trips. They are super absorbent and quick to dry. Perfect for beach, pool or even car mishaps.

UVBRITE UV Self-Cleaning and Water Purifying Bottle

Outfitted with a UV-C Cap, UVBrite’s water bottle reduces microbes by up to 99.99%! UV-C disinfection works by breaking down certain chemical bonds and scrambling the structure of DNA, RNA and proteins to effectively destroy all microorganisms.

To ensure that water from most sources is sterilized, simply press the touch sensor once to activate the normal sterilizing mode.

Collapsible Water Bottle

This collapsible water bottle is leak-proof and durable, comfortable to drink from, rolls up for compact travel, loops around your wrist for easy carry and attaches to your bag for quick access.

Unique gifts for travelers doTerra

Essential Oils And A Diffuser

Essential oils are the prefect travel companion. They can help relieve stress and make your hotel room smell more like home. A portable diffuser and oils can go everywhere you do—in the car, to work, or from room to room. Plus, it’s made from eco-friendly materials!

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

These shampoo and conditioner bars are
a fun gift for any traveler.
No more messy bottles or leaks in your luggage.

Digital Luggage Scale

Help your traveler take the guess
work out of packing their luggage.
This light weight digital luggage scale
will weigh up to 100 pounds,
helping to make sure your luggage is
not over weight at the airport.

Two Way Language Translator

The Muama Enence translator device is simple to use and can instantly translate your speech into 36 different foreign languages.

The Enence instant two-way translator is easy to use. Simply connect your phone to wifi or mobile data and download the Enence app.

Travelers Notebook

This travelers notebook is a great gift for the traveler on your list. With this journal they can keep all of those special memories written down in one place.
This notebook includes lined and blank pages suitable for doodling or keeping mementos of your trip.

Shopping for that traveler on your list can sometimes seem almost impossible but this gift list makes it fun! Your traveler would love to receive any of these gifts. So start shopping, pleasing a traveler is easy.

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