Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, Washington Island WI

A Romantic Trip to Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm Washington Island Door County Wisconsin

Gary’s son Noah and Noahs’ fiance’ Rachel recently visited Washington Island in Door County, Wisconsin to celebrate Rachel’s birthday. Noah surprised her with a romantic getaway weekend. Looks like Gary has taught him well when it comes to romance.

Noah and Rachel in Door County
Noah and Rachel ~ Photo by Rachel

Gary and I have been to Door County, Wisconsin several times so when I discovered this romantic weekend Noah had planned I told him about the Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, Washington Island. With Rachel being a photographer I knew it was someplace she would love.

Rachel and Noah were visiting Washington Island at just the perfect time. July and August are the optimal times to visit because the lavender is the most fragrant. I have to admit I was a bit jealous. I have always wanted to stop at Fragrant Isle but our timing in visiting Washington Island has never been right. Their timing was perfect!

Lavender Plants
Lavender Field ~ Photo by Rachel

If you are thinking about visiting Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, Washington Island in Door County Wisconsin with the hopes of seeing the lavender fields this is the information to help you plan your visit.

About Washington Island, Wisconsin

Washington Island Map
Google Map of Washington Island Door County WI
Use Google Maps to map your own trip to Washington Island

Washington Island is located off the northern tip of The Door County peninsula, it is just a small island, but not the smallest you can visit in Door County. Washington Island is about 7 miles long and 6 miles wide. The three things that Washington Island is best known for is School House Beach, Nelsen’s Hall Bitters Pub, and Fragrant Isle Lavender Farms.

There are a small number of year-round residents on Washington Island, with a couple of hotels, restaurants, and quaint shops.

The Washington Island Ferry

Madonna Washington Island Ferry
Washington Island Ferry

The main transportation onto the island is the Washington Island Ferry Line. You can take your bikes or your car on the ferry. Some type of transportation is recommended on the island. Tickets are first come first serve and they are usually quite busy. I would plan on arriving early. Although the tickets are a bit costly, this 25-minute ride is very pleasant. You can view the ferry schedule on the Washington Island Ferry website.

Your ferry tickets are bought at the launching site and you then immediately get in line. A boat person directs you in loading your car onto the ferry. It is a rather smooth process. You may stay in your car, or once the ferry is launched you can get out of your car and go up on the top deck for a beautiful view.

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm Washington Island Wisconsin

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm and shop sign
Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm and shop sign ~ photo by Rachel

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm & Shop started as a dream. Martine Anderson, the owner of Fragrant Isle Farm, lived in the south of France and had the dream to one day have a lush lavender garden of her very own.

When Martine and her husband, Edgar, retired young and moved to Washington Island, Door County Wisconsin, they searched for a business to invest in, but nothing seemed to be a fit for them.

Martine felt that Washington Island reminded her of Provence, a small town in Italy known for its lavender fields. Edger studied Washington Island weather patterns, did soil tests, and planted test gardens at their home. The gardens grew and thrived.

They set out with a plan to create a lavender business on Washington Island. In 2013, retail store space was rented and in May almost 9000 lavender plants were planted. The business was heartily accepted not only by the customers but by the island community.

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm
Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm ~ Photo by Rachel

By the fall of 2013, they realized they needed more space for planting and retail space. They purchased 21 island acres and a dream had become a reality.

Fragrant Island Lavender Farm is now the largest single-site lavender grower in the Midwest. They grow 14 different varieties of lavender. No chemicals are ever used. Plants are harvested both by hand and by machine. They care deeply for their lavender, the farm, the environment, and Washington Island.

Fragrant Isle Lavender Field

Fragrant Isle Lavender Field
Fragrant Isle Lavender Field ~ Photo by Rachel

Fragrant Isle is the upper Midwest’s largest lavender farms. Over 20,000+ lavender plants make up this fragrant garden. Visitors can stroll through the blooms, enjoy the fragrance and the spectacular view. Bring your camera, you will want to capture this amazing site.

Lavender field with a butterfly
Lavender field with a butterfly

There is a cost of $5 for adults to enjoy the lavender field, but if you spend $20 in their gift-shop you receive two free adult tickets to the field.

Be sure to visit the u-pick field and pick a bunch of lavender to take home. You will want the fragrance all year round to remind you of your trip to Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm Washington Island, Wisconsin. Many people like to dry their lavender and use it in sachets. But there are so many uses for lavender, time to get creative.

Lavender is harvest in spring or early summer to encourage a second growth. The best time of day to harvest lavender is in the morning after the dew has dried but before the sun dries up the essential oils.

Once harvested the lavender is bundled, hand-tied, and hung to dry for 5-6 weeks. Then the oils are distilled from the lavender plants. The lavender and oils are used to make lotions and soaps as well as other misc lavender products that are sold in Fragrant Isle shop. You can also buy Fragrant Island essence oils to use at home.

Fragrant Isle Lavender Field

While visiting Fragrant Isle Lavender Farms be sure to take part in their demonstration and visit the Lavender shop. For an extra special treat enjoy an array of their tempting pastries, chocolates, and desserts and our ever-popular lavender ice cream. Come prepared to relax on the patio, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy the beautiful view!

Address: 1350 Airport Road, Washington Island, WI

Places to Stay on Washington Island, Door County Wisconsin

Washington Island, Door County, WI is such a relaxing place to visit. It’s hard to just make visiting a day trip. Even though the island is small, this is a place you will want to stay the weekend and return every year. Check out these places to stay.

Sunset Resort

Sunset Resort opened it’s doors in 1902 and been welcoming return guests year after year since then. With 500 feet of natural beach and 40 acres of trails this resort is a great addition to a relaxing weekend on Washington Island, WI

Address ~ 889 Old West Harbor Rd, Washington Island, WI

Findlay’s Holiday Inn

Findlay’s Holiday Inn has been serving guests for 40 years. They are located on picturesque Detroit Harbor with all of the rooms facing the harbor. Findlay’s has 7 guest rooms and they aim to make each guest experience special.

Address ~ 1861 The Inn Rd Washington Island, WI

Bitter End Motel at Historic Nelsen’s Hall

The Bitter End Motel is the only motel located downtown at historic Nelsen’s Hall. Open year-round. Food & spirits are adjacent.

Address ~ 1201 Main Road, Washington Island, WI

Frequently Asked Questions about Fragrant Isle Lavander Farm Washington Island Wisconsin

Where is Washington Island located?

Washington Island is located approximately 5 miles off the northeast tip of the Door Peninsula in Door County.

What is Washington Island known for?

The three top things Washington Island is known for is School House Beach, Nelson’s Hall Bitters Pub, and Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm.

What is the best way to get to Washington Island?

Unless you own your own airplane the only way to get to Washington Island is by way of the Washington Island Ferry.

How long is the ferry ride to Washington Island, WI?

The ferry ride itself is about 25 minutes. Plan on getting to the launch site early. Depending on the demand you could need to wait. Tickets are first come.

Do I need a car on Washington Island?

Although a car is not needed, we would recommend it.

What is Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm?

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm is the upper Midwest’s largest lavender farm.

When is Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm open?

Fragrant Isle is open Early spring and as late into October as possible. During their open season, they are open 7 days a week 10-5. During their closed months you can still enjoy their lavender products by purchasing them online.

What is the best time of year to visit Washington Island?

The Washington Island Ferry does run year round. The best time to enjoy all that Washington Island has to offer is from late spring to early fall. If you love water activities summer is perfect.

What hotels are near Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm?

There are several hotel and resorts on Washington Island. With the island being 6 miles wide by 7 mile long everything is close.

Are there restaurants near Fragrant Isle?

Yes there are several restaurants on the island. While visiting Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm by sure to visit Le Cafe’ offering lunch and desserts daily.

Location of other Lavender Farms in Wisconsin

Rowley Creek Lavender Farm ~ E13901 County Rd. W Baraboo, WI
New Life Lavender & Cherry Farm ~ E10766 County Rd. W Baraboo
Devils Lake Lavender ~ E11364 Highway 136, Baraboo, WI
Island Lavender ~ 1309 Range Line Rd, Washington Island, WI

Gary and Michelle

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  3. I visited a family owned lavender farm couple of years back in WA. The family was kind enough to give us a tour of their factory where we saw the different machines and process they follow to make the lavender products. Your blog refreshed my memory of that visit. Thanks for sharing.

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